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Providing bespoke, quality and discreet Private Investigations to achieve the resolution you require.

Surrey - Hampshire - Berkshire - London, UK

Professional and Experienced Private Investigators

We specialise in providing Private Investigation services to the HNWI (High net worth individual) clientele.

We are a small, professional but personal Private Investigation company providing bespoke, quality and discreet investigations to resolve a wide range of investigative requirements. We pride ourselves on being ethical, legal and transparent with everything we do. 

15 Years of Experience

The founder has over 15 years UK Policing service and over 7 years experience working directly within the HNWI industry.

Independently Owned

Platinum Resolutions is a stand-alone, independent business, committed to getting the results you require.

Investigation Services

Matrimonial - Divorce Investigations

Covert surveillance, social media and lifestyle interrogation with comprehensive evidence based reports.

Covert Surveillance Services

Whether it’s following a person on foot or in a vehicle, we can provide surveillance and capture the evidence you require.

Background Checks / Due Diligence

We deploy expert techniques to provide detailed background checks and due diligence which will be gathered in a thorough report.

Online Threat Assessment

Detailed and thorough checks to identify any online weaknesses and provide what sites have obtained your information.

Child Protection Services

Discreet surveillance to establish where your children are, what they are doing, how they are being looked after and if they are at any risk.

Covert Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS trackers are remotely monitored so the location of the vehicle can be seen 24 hours a day, without the occupant knowing.

Bug Sweeping Services

Our experts can carry out a bug sweeping service, identifying the presence of any electronic devices that are installed to monitor you.

Court / Solicitor Services

Services include Process Serving, Notice Service, Statement taking and Witness tracing.

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